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Public Libraries of New Zealand is the peak body for the public library sector, representing the needs of public libraries, their owners (territorial local authorities), managers and users at a national and regional level. 

We’re a small organisation with big plans. We work with more than 300 public libraries across New Zealand, working to make sure all of us in New Zealand have access to outstanding libraries that enhance our communities.

Public Libraries of New Zealand leads the debate on the future of public libraries. We advocate for the continuous improvement of public libraries to meet the evolving needs of local communities.

We're working to understand the needs of New Zealand organisations and communities as we develop an up-to-the-minute strategic framework for public libraries.

We’re building relationships with diverse organisations and groups across New Zealand. Together, we’ll explore what New Zealand needs from public libraries and develop our national strategy to make sure we get there.

From the largest public library service through to tiny community libraries, Public Libraries of New Zealand works to ensure we can grow New Zealand’s role in the global information community, giving New Zealanders access to the world’s best and sharing our best on the world stage.

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