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Become a Strategic Partner

Partnering with Public Libraries of New Zealand is an investment in your community’s future.  

Public libraries are the heart of every community. Libraries have evolved from hushed rooms into vibrant community spaces. They aren't just about borrowing books, but are busy community hubs, literally and virtually. Libraries now have an even better opportunity to add value to the community and people's lives.

We are in the business of enabling people to find out, stay in touch and be informed. We can show people and give them access to where the information is—both on and offline. We can help them build research skills and improve literacy—especially digital literacy.

Increasingly the world is moving online and not everyone has the ability to follow that trend. So, in response, libraries are teaching people how to use computers and new technology as well as how to download and read eBooks.

Visitors are coming into libraries for more than books. Buildings are being used for informal meetings, study, community events and a "burgeoning" free Wi-Fi services.

Remote access through libraries’ websites is also being used to renew loans, search catalogues, research online databases, place reservations and borrow eBooks and audiobooks.

However, not all people in all communities have full access, all of the time to information and help. Young people are especially deprived.  Not all schools can afford to maintain a library of up-to-date information so children are deprived of reading opportunities. Increasingly, children need the internet to do their homework. Likewise, senior citizens and others need help to embrace new technology. Jobseekers need to apply online. Citizens are increasingly required to interact with Government online.

Digital inclusion is one of the key shortcomings of our digital society and we want to tackle it head-on across all New Zealand communities. Making people more aware of their local libraries’ services and using them is a start in the right direction and we need your help!

The benefits of partnering with Public Libraries of New Zealand

A partnership with us will provide your organisation with a number of channels to demonstrate to your stakeholders, customers and staff alike that your organisation cares about people and the communities we live in.

While public libraries are publicly-funded by local government, there is no wide-scale promotion of the community benefits of libraries across all of New Zealand. 

We represent public libraries and we promote their vital services across all communities.

In particular:

  • library resources and services across New Zealand

  • equity of access to library services for all New Zealander

  • a strategic direction for the public libraries.

We also determine and communicate the views of the Association to stakeholders, local government, national government and the wider public.

But we especially want to develop and foster strong relationships with stakeholders and strategic partners that will benefit public libraries and the communities they serve.

Promotion: increase your profile and brand awareness

Working in partnership with us can bring you lasting benefits whilst helping children, young people and communities access the world of information. Above all, people can become better informed—for free in most cases.

By using effective PR and marketing, your brand can be associated with one of New Zealand's recognised charities.

Some of the ways in which we can acknowledge your organisation:

  • A national press release promoting our partnership

  • Design of two logos, one for use by your organisation and one for us

  • Priority placement of logo on all marketing materials nationwide, i.e. banners, brochures

  • Naming rights on major community library events

  • Partnership promotion through a prominent banner on the our website and links to your website and social media

  • Your logo on community event T-shirts

  • Merchandising opportunities

  • Prominent logo on the cover of our annual report which goes out to stakeholders each year

  • Opportunities for conjoint media articles or campaigns

  • Potential product endorsement by us of your organisation’s goods and services

  • Promotion within libraries.

Research has proven that a brand’s association with a charity positively affects consumer perception and can increase your sales. Align your brand or build a joint marketing approach with us to support the wellbeing of people in New Zealand by promoting positive messages about libraries on your products and collateral.

We know the young people of today will shape our tomorrow. Your organisation can make a remarkable difference by supporting opportunities for people to find out, stay in touch and be informed as well as supporting people to build their digital skills.

Whether it is through brand promotion, staff engagement or building a stronger profile within the community, a partnership with you means your organisation is going to make a difference to people in New Zealand.







For an interactive map featuring all New Zealand public libraries.