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Strategic Meeting 2016


Ray Wallace, Mayor of Hutt City

Ray WallaceRay Wallace was first elected to Hutt City Council as a councillor in the Wainuiomata Ward in 1995 and served as Deputy Mayor from 2001 to 2005.  During his 15 years as a councillor he held various senior positions on council committees including chair of Operations and Compliance, Chair of Community Grants, Chair of Community Services Committee and Chair of Heritage Advisory Committee.

A strong sense of community mindedness has also seen Mr Wallace involved with numerous community projects such as fundraising for the local volunteer fire brigade, organising foodbank appeals and coordinating youth awards. He has been a Justice of the Peace for 16 years.

He is proud of his Scottish heritage and as Mayor is passionate about celebrating all of Lower Hutt’s rich cultural diversity. He loves Lower Hutt and is committed to making it a more vibrant, exciting and inclusive place for everyone. A place where people feel safe, residents are proud to call home, businesses are keen to set up shop and visitors are excited to come.

Mr Wallace lives in Wainuiomata with his wife Linda. In his spare time he enjoys working on landscaping plans for the couple’s property and hitting the Petone foreshore on his bike.

Dr Natalie Jackson

Natalie JacksonNatalie Jackson is Director of Natalie Jackson Demographics Ltd., and an Adjunct Professor in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Massey University. Until recently Natalie was Professor of Demography at the National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis (NIDEA), University of Waikato, and was the Institute's Foundation Director between January 2010 and March 2014. She holds a PhD in Demography from the Australian National University, and Bachelor and Master of Social Science Degrees in Demography and Social Anthropology from the University of Waikato.

Natalie’s primary expertise is on the subnational ending of population growth and the underlying demographic drivers of this trend. The consequences of these trends are relevant for all levels of government, labour market, welfare state, education and health care policy, and for business in general. Natalie’s related research fields are industrial and labour market demography, the demography of subpopulations such as ethnic groups, and the demography of inequality.

Natalie is the author of around 150 papers and technical reports on the topic of population ageing/demographic change and has given around 260 invited addresses and 400 related media interviews. Having expert knowledge of how to undertake and use population projections is central to these activities, and Natalie has taught and given workshops on the topic in Australia and New Zealand for the past 20 years. 

Sue Roberts, Auckland University Librarian

Sue RobertsSue Roberts is University Librarian and Director, Libraries and Learning Services at the University of Auckland. Sue has extensive leadership experience in major university and public sector libraries in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Throughout her career Sue has focused on the transformation of services to meet the changing landscape and on the engagement of stakeholders and partners to establish and achieve shared goals; this has included major change initiatives, capital projects, service developments and technological innovation. Sue’s leadership roles include Dean of Learning Services at Edge Hill University in the UK, University Librarian at Victoria University of Wellington, and CEO and State Librarian, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne.

Sue is a published author on the subjects of leadership, management, organizational development and change. She has undertaken a range of professional leadership roles at local, national and international levels; she is currently Chair of the Aurora Leadership Foundation.

Sally Patrick, Group Manager at Wanganui Council

Sally Patrick



Marianne Archibald, Innovation Leader at Whanganui and Partners

Marianne Archibald

Bill Macnaught, National Librarian

Bill Macnaught

Bill Macnaught is the National Librarian of the National Library of New Zealand.  Prior to this role, Bill was Manager of Puke Ariki, New Plymouth and Director, Libraries and Arts and then Head of Cultural Development at Gateshead Council in the north of England. He was awarded a CBE in the UK for services to public libraries and cultural life. He was Chair of the UK Advisory Council on Libraries and was a visiting Professor (Librarianship) at the University of Northumbria.  

In his early years in New Zealand Bill led a multidisciplinary team at Puke Ariki – the flagship library, museum and visitor information centre in Taranaki.  In 2006 he was appointed as Commissioner on the Library and Information and Advisory Commission (LIAC) advising the Minister for the National Library. He has held the offices of Chair of the Association of Public Library Managers and the Deputy Chair of Museums Aotearoa.  

Bill was a founder member of the Governance Group for the Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa programme which was inspired by a UK project in which he was involved. He initiated the discussions that led to the National Library supporting the current Kōtui project, designed to deliver better value for public libraries through the collective procurement of library management IT services.

Following the integration of the National Library of New Zealand and Archives New Zealand with the Department of Internal Affairs, Bill Macnaught was appointed National Librarian in 2011.  He says his key challenge is to ensure that New Zealand is a leader in the development of 21st century libraries.

Tim Miller, School of Design, Victoria University of Wellington

Tim MillerTim Miller has over 30 years’ experience as an industrial designer, design consultant in product development, educator and researcher in emerging technologies. As a design consultant Miller has been involved in the commercialisation of many products for both national and international companies. Initially his expertise was in product design, particularly commercial furniture but for the last 20 years he has focused on emerging digital manufacturing technologies.  Miller’s research utilizes advances in digital technologies in two overlapping areas, experimental furniture design and digital manufacture/3D printing. As these new technologies emerge Miller explores the new making and aesthetic opportunities these digitally controlled processes afford. His method has focused on a number of original approaches in the use of software and 3D printing making processes, not only as a making tool but also evidencing the process of making as an intrinsic part of the design itself. Increasingly he works on collaborative project with scientists through his role as a Principle Investigator in the New Zealand Product Accelerator.

Justin Duckworth, Bishop of Wellington

Bishop Justin

On Saturday 30 June 2012 the Right Reverend Justin Charles Hopkins Duckworth was ordained a Bishop of the Anglican Church in the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul.  He is now in his fourth year as Bishop.  Prior Justin served in mostly urban mission to and amongst the most vulnerable.  

The Bishop is the symbol of the unity of the Diocese and directly oversees the mission and ministry within the Diocese of Wellington, with over sixty parishes from Wellington, the Manawatu and the Wairarapa, all included Anglican schools, elder care facilities and several mission ministries.  This oversight for Bishop Justin is centred in keeping the Church true to its calling and by being the "shepherd of shepherds", leading, developing and caring for our clergy and leaders. 

Bishop Justin is leading a reimagining and revitalisation of the Diocese today.  He has been at the cutting edge of mission and ministry in Wellington for more than 25 years.  He was a co-founder and leader of Urban Vision, which runs houses of presence and healing hope in some of Wellington's neighbourhoods, in which young Christians live alongside folk from the margins. There are now twelve communities (teams) in NZ, with 9 in Wellington, 2 in Auckland and one in Hamilton.  Justin and his wife Jenny also pioneered Ngatiawa, a contemporary monastery which provides a welcome to those who are struggling, those seeking prayerful retreat, and those seeking a missional lifestyle.  Bishop Justin and Jenny have three young adult children.  He enjoys playing soccer, tramping, enjoying the outdoors.  

Bishop Justin’s focus for the Diocese is serving the lost, the last and the least.

Anya Satyanand, Executive Officer at Ara Taiohi

Anya Satyanand

Ara Taiohi is the peak body for youth development in New Zealand. We are working to connect the sector, raise the standards, champion youth development and promote sustainability.

Anya has worked with or for young people pretty much forever. Her education background centred around teaching media studies and working as a senior school leader to support young peoples' wellbeing. She currently believes she has the best job in the world and is proud of the work that Ara Taiohi is doing to professionalise youth work and change things up for the benefit of our young people.



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