A Space For Everyone




A space for everyone

Libraries are a place for everyone and for everyone to help each other 

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Did you know...

  • Over 100,000 people visit a New Zealand public library every day?

  • Approximately 37.5 million people visit a New Zealand public library every year?

  • There are approximately 2 million library members throughout New Zealand?

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The idea of a community-focused place such as a library is that everyone has their bit of knowledge they can share. It can be as simple as a younger person knowing about social media, or how to use a tablet or eBook reader and they help out those who don’t know and want to learn.

Libraries support business and enterprise

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We provide research services to businesses large and small, and we provide incubator services for start ups, including access to council support, low cost meeting spaces, access to technology and access to databases. We’re keeping local economies strong.

In short, libraries grow local economies, strengthen communities and promote personal wellbeing. And we continue to have a focus on reducing costs and improving services.

It’s no wonder that libraries are the most used, by choice, local government service. We are the natural partner for Government agencies and businesses wanting to reach communities and individuals. We enable democracy, access and participation. And we make communities work. We make them strong. We help them thrive. Libraries provide access to computers, Wi-Fi and other digital tools.








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