Encouraging Literacy And Learning




Encouraging literacy and learning

group of children being read to

Libraries teach and encourage literacy in many forms

  • We introduce pre-schoolers to books and reading.

  • We enable all New Zealanders to access books (including children who don’t have access to books at home who can lose reading ability over the long summer holiday – by the end of school they can be up to two years behind the better off students).

  • We teach older (and younger) people how to use computers and eReaders and how to access eBooks and information on the web. 

  • We teach people to use the new technologies they’re faced with.

Libraries enable learning

Developing new skills throughout life is an important part of New Zealand’s economic growth. Through partnerships with local and national education providers, and through providing a wide range of online and print educational resources, libraries continue to make sure New Zealand can compete in the global economy.

Libraries gather and share community stories

Every community in New Zealand is richer for remembering our past and, libraries are a vital part of this. Our online and print heritage collections have captured everything from memories of the First World War to local events (such as the Rena grounding off Tauranga).






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