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Popular Kiwis back the book

 Popular Kiwis back the book
What do a Shortland St star, three reality TV stars and four media broadcasters have in common? They know how important it is to love reading. 

Today the New Zealand Book Council launches their advocacy campaign #ReadToSucceed. “We published research earlier this year that found almost 400,000 Kiwis didn’t read a book last year. The increasing demands of society and work mean more than ever, New Zealanders need to be able to read to function effectively at work and everyday life. The #ReadToSucceed campaign is the first of many that the Book Council will run to inspire more Kiwis to read, and to buy and borrow more books,” says Book Council Chief Executive Jo Cribb.

From now until Christmas, the Book Council will share how much reading matters. Their Kiwi book ambassadors will help spread the word about where a love of reading can take you. The public will be encouraged to join in as well – they can post photos of themselves reading with friends and whānau online for a chance to win a bookshelf of books for the family home this Christmas.

Here are what the Book Council Kiwi book ambassadors have to say about reading: 

 Jayden Daniels (Curtis Hannah, Shortland St)
“I’m a huge reader. It’s really important in my job – each week I have to read pages and pages of scripts, memorise them, and understand them so I can give the performance that hopefully you will love!” 

Art & Matilda
“I love reading! It’s a great way to stimulate your brain and transport you to another world.”
 – Matilda
“It’s so much better for your brain and mental well being than scrolling through social media!”
– Art 

Gilda Kirkpatrick
“Information is ammunition. Reading helps kids to cope with the challenges that they’re going to face in life. 

Nigel Latta
“Books are great, they’ve always been a part of my life – I’ve always enjoyed reading. Brains love new stuff, and books are full of new stuff!  So get a couch and a good book and read.”

Hilary Barry
“I think it’s one of the most precious times a parent can have with a child, instilling in them a love of books and a love of reading, and just spending incredibly intimate bonding time together. It would be my one word of advice for new parents – read to your kids.”

Alison Mau
“Reading is the most important thing I do for my job every day. I spend about 6 hours a day reading in preparation for the 12–15 interviews that I conduct on Radio Live Drive every afternoon and I need to be able to comprehend and analyse every piece of background information that I read.”
Heather du Plessis-Allan
“Reading expands your world! It gave me a whole bunch more options.”
Dom Harvey
“Reading matters a great deal. It’s a form of escapism, it’s educational, and it increases your knowledge base.”
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