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5 Easy Tips to Get Your Child Reading This Summer

5 Easy Tips to Get Your Child Reading This Summer
1. Have them read you a story
A great way to introduce literacy to your child is by dictation. By listening to them and offering aid where they get stuck on a word, your child will feel supported and encouraged to read. 

2. Surround your child with reading material
This one is simple. Visit your local library (click here to find yours) and let them spend time discovering. From nonfiction picture books, to fiction classics like Charlotte’s Webb, your local library is the perfect place for your little one to immerse themselves into a world of books.

3. Make it a daily activity
Keep your child motivated to read by setting a specific time of day to read. They can surely read outside of these hours, however by implementing a specific time your child will be able to turn this into a fun habit. A dedicated time indicates to your child that this is an important activity. 

4. Implement a reading chart
Turn their summer reading into a challenge with our downloadable reading chart. Put it on the fridge or beside their bed to remind you and them to participate each day. You can download our summer reading chart here.

5. Be a good example
If you make a conscious effort to model reading in your home, your child is likely to reflect your behaviour. Whether you sit and read beside your child on the beach or share the couch to flip through a book before dinner, your child will subconsciously want to do how you do. Plus, it’s a great excuse to add to your read-book collection. 

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