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Summer Holiday Programmes Across Aotearoa

Summer Holiday Programmes Across Aotearoa

Adventure awaits… at your local library and it's a truck-load of fun! How, you ask? Sign me up!

Kids who exercise their brains are smart kids. With carefully crafted and well-planned literacy programmes, public libraries are an excellent place to keep those imaginations whirring. 

Holiday programmes vary from region to region, but the aim is the same - keep children engaged throughout the summer, in an informal, fun-filled way. This may be focussed on the pleasure of reading, or activity-based - a challenge that picks up on individual interests and helps the child achieve something tangible by the close of the holidays.

How can you get involved? Public Libraries of New Zealand is helping to encourage and promote summer reading and holiday activities around the country, with our dedicated webpage Adventure Awaits. Find where you live on the map, click the link to your local library’s summer holiday programme, and sign your children up to be part of something AMAZING. You’ll also see national participation numbers, and find out what other kids from all over Aotearoa have been doing for their library holiday programme; the possibilities of which are endless!

Public Libraries of New Zealand is the Association of Public Library Managers in Aotearoa New Zealand. We advocate for the increasingly important role public libraries play in our communities. We are supporting the summer holiday programmes run by the libraries, through this webpage and other social media channels.

Here's a snap of the figures, updated 22 January, showing kids' participation all round the country.




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