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Libraries are the digital future

Digital is a key element of all library services

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Thanks to partnerships with the National Library of New Zealand, we’ve been delivering access to a massive range of much needed digital resources for several years. And we’re using digital tools to support our customers in everything we do.

Libraries have led the charge into the digital world. How have we done this?

Teaching digital skills

We support many New Zealanders in developing their digital skills. We teach digital literacy, provide the tools to get online and make sure the people who can’t afford to get on the information superhighway can do just that.

Online game coding

Lately, libraries have been teaching online game coding and strategy to young people and adults in various communities around New Zealand.

Only reliable and trusted online information

The World Wide Web isn’t an encyclopaedia of high quality and trusted information. There’s a lot of low quality and inaccurate information out there>  So, Librarians teach people to tell the good from the bad. We make sure they can access the best information, the information that most everyday users can’t access thanks to pay walls and subscriptions. You wouldn’t expect your free community newspaper to provide the best and most detailed information, so neither does the free part of the Net. Your library can give you access to reliable and trusted online information.

More eBooks than you thought possible!

Libraries are a vital part of the eBook solution.

We’re working hard to make sure New Zealanders can borrow more and more titles. However, with international licensing issues, many New Zealanders can’t access the number of eBook titles they should be able to.  This can be as low as 4% of the print books they can borrow from their local library.  Got an eReader?  Why not consider an eBook download from a library rather than access it via other means?






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