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Public libraries around the country are offering workshops for young people, their teachers and interested adults to come along and learn about online game coding and strategy for free! Our very popular series of workshops is soon to end.  Registrations are still open for Porirua and Wellington only.

Gamefroot workshops provide a technology starter using something already familiar to many young people— online games—as a way to inspire your curiosity and help you see the makings of technology for yourself.

kids at Gamefrrot workshop at Nelson Public Library  kids at Gamefrrot workshop at Nelson Public Library 
 kids at Gamefrrot workshop at Nelson Public Library  kids at Gamefrrot workshop at Nelson Public Library

Kids working hard at game coding recently at Nelson Public Library

Using open source coding to create simple online games, you'll learn the basics of coding, game design and strategic thinking and how to add games into the international marketplace.


We’ll also show teachers and interested adults how you can run these workshops yourselves so you can then deliver more of them locally. 

To register, click on the button below for the location of your choice.  The registration page contains the workshop venues, dates and times for each location.

Register now to avoid disappointment as these classes fill quickly. 

 Click here to register for Porirua workshops Click here to register for Wellington workshops


Food and drink is not supplied at these workshops, so please bring your own lunch.

What we’re going to do...

We’re going to make games!

We’ll spend a little while getting familiar with Gamefroot (that’s the tool we’ll use to make our games), then we’ll start working on our main project game. 

We’ll build a world for our game, we’ll learn how to program a player character that navigates through our game, and we’ll populate our game with bonuses and obstacles. We’ll even draw some of the graphics that we’ll use in our game! 

What you’ll learn

  1. Basic programming skills.

  2. How to apply programming concepts.

  3. Create a basic computer game using basic programming concepts:

  • Computer program (a group of instructions to perform a specific task)

  • Data (any information in the game)

  • Variables (any piece of data that we can store)

  • Lists (multiple variables stored together)

  • Coordinates (x axis and y axis locations in the level)

  • Logical operators (and, or, not) and relational operators (<, =, and >)

  • Control flow (how blocks of code are executed)

  • Functions (reusable chunks of instructions)

  • Objects and instances (the individual things that exist in a program)

  • Artificial intelligence (a program that makes decisions intelligently)

  • Game design principles and concepts (levels, sprites, animations)

Don’t worry if that sounds complicated! We’ll start off easy, and build up your knowledge bit by bit until you’re comfortable with each of these ideas.

The most important part of learning is using your knowledge to make something new. That’s the whole point! 

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn about game coding and get creative with your own game!

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