Libraries Help Communities Thrive




Libraries help communities thrive

Communities have have libraries

picture of modern library building

A Library is the one place a community can’t do without

We’re not a book barn. We’re so much more. We’re the place for communities to share resources – space, information, knowledge. We’re the place for people to connect.

  • We’re one of the most trusted places in every community. Even when other social institutions have lost users’ trust, our focus on listening to our users and meeting their needs means we remain trusted and connected. 

  • We’re customer-focused. We evolve to meet the needs of our community – staying ahead of the curve to make sure services are there when they’re needed.

  • We share resources. We open up a far wider world than any individual, family, whanau or community can access on their own.

  • Libraries are constantly evolving to meet the needs of all kinds of different communities. We strive to make a difference to communities and individuals – economically, socially, educationally and environmentally. 

  • We sit at the heart of neighbourhoods and have outreach programmes that ensure all community members can access services and participate in community life.

  • Our purpose first and foremost is to improve society by helping people understand themselves better. We aim to help every user participate in the world around them.  

  • Libraries own and manage meeting spaces (and other community spaces).  We support numerous community groups to come together.

  • Libraries provide access to computers and other digital tools (including Wi-Fi). 1 in 5 families with children can’t get online.  In some parts of New Zealand, half of all homes can’t get online.

We're the heart of every community...

  • Libraries sit at the heart of communities. We mirror, reflect and service our community according to their needs.

  • We provide a place to find the resources to learn new skills, to get to know more about what we love, to improve and get ahead, to reach out to loved ones and to make new friends.

  • Libraries provide an opportunity to fight unemployment, illiteracy, digital illiteracy and loneliness. 

  • We connect people, we upskill them, we enable creative learning and we build communities.






For an interactive map featuring all New Zealand public libraries.