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Libraries are the community resource for anyone – everyone can use their public library!

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Digital technologies have transformed the modern world. With this transformation has come a need and demand for modern, safe, non-judgmental, flexible spaces where people of all ages can mine the world of knowledge supported by a skilled library workforce. This need is greatest amongst our most vulnerable citizens and our young people.

The modern library

The modern library is a place for self-improvement – from childhood to old age, we offer support, help and education, and encourage a love of reading. Whether you’re applying for a job, seeking a benefit, looking to understand your rights, wanting to understand your health choices or learning to read, the library can assist.

A public library’s greatest strength is its local focus — responding to the needs of its community. We provide safe spaces for literacy and learning, but more than that we are the starting point of empowerment for many citizens who lack opportunities at home.

Digital world

We are the route to digital fluency, playing a significant role in preparing the workforce and others for the digital world.

Libraries are for everyone!

Libraries belong to every one of us. We enable access to information, we build social capital, we provide vital community facilities, we encourage literacy and learning, and we share local stories and local history.

Our staff are experts

Our staff are some of the most multi-skilled in local government – they are administrators, information specialists, teachers, digital experts, coders, historians, customer service specialists and so much more. 

Come and in talk to one of us...we're here to help!

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