Summer Holiday Programmes in New Zealand 2018 - 2019

Aotearoa Library Adventures – numbers on the rise!


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Haere mai, أهلاً و سهلاً, Bula, Afio mai, 歡迎光臨, Velkommen, Selamat datang, Fáilte, ようこそ, Soo dhowow, Talitali fiefia

Welcome Adventurers!

Be a part of something AMAZING where Adventure Awaits - at your local library.

Kids who exercise their brains are smart kids. They discover lots of things, expand their imaginations and grow braincells, all while having a truck-load of fun. Your summer holiday programme could take you almost anywhere in the world - or out of it! Think rocket ships and robots, fantastical creatures and fairies, deserted islands and snowy mountain tops, the inside of your body, the end of the galaxy - endless adventures to have.

So, check out our interactive map below, find where you live, then click the link to your local library’s summer programmes. Keep in touch and see how many kids, like you, are taking an ADVENTURE! Sign up for your summer holiday programme today!

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The Boring Bits for the Grown Ups

Public libraries are here to help, with carefully crafted and well-planned literacy programmes. Holiday reading programmes vary from region to region, but the aim is the same - keep children engaged throughout the summer, in an informal adventure-filled way. This may be focussed on the pleasure of reading, or learning-based activities - a challenge that picks up on individual interests and helps your child achieve something tangible by the close of the holidays.

Public Libraries of New Zealand is the Association of Public Library Managers in Aotearoa New Zealand. We advocate for the increasingly important role public libraries play in our communities. We are supporting the summer holiday programmes run by the libraries, through this webpage and other social media channels.






For an interactive map featuring all New Zealand public libraries.