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Who uses libraries?

The short answer...almost everyone!

More than 100,000 people visit a New Zealand public library everyday. That’s 37.5million visits every single year. Almost half of New Zealanders are members of their local library (this varies from around one-third of local residents through to every local resident). And many more people use their public library for our meeting spaces and other non-lending based services.

Library customers undertake over 92 million transactions every year – using our formal and informal meeting spaces, using our computers and Wi-Fi, being supported by our skilled and qualified librarians, and borrowing books, eBooks, magazines, DVDs and more (libraries are now loaning everything from ukuleles to sewing machines).

The question is more...who doesn’t use libraries?

The quick answer to that used to be teenagers, but not anymore. 

Everyone uses libraries – from preschoolers with Mum right through to retired people.  We are the community resource for everyone.  And it’s not just about residents. People new to an area, tourists and other visitors are big users of libraries. Linking people to local activities and services is a key role for libraries – helping to grow and support the local economy. And, of course, we link those people with the wider world though our Wi-Fi and internet access points.

Libraries are the community resource for anyone – everyone can use their public library.

A snapshot of library statistics

snapshot of library statistics






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